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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I thought flat hunting was bad in London...

But it turns out, flat advertising is worse... (is that a thing?!)

So, Martin our wonderful but stupidly messy flatmate is moving back home, as he needs to save for his wonderful hippy adventures, so I decided to take his big room, and rent mine out.

Now, we have a pretty good deal with our flat. An awesome landlord, 30 sec from the tube, well priced with some bills inclusive, and a roof terrace. (Wonderful for the 1 month of good weather we get a year!)

So, I figured I'd pop an advert on Gumtree.com and the well thought out emails would come pouring in...

Shocking what some people find acceptable, it really is.
One woman listed off a series of questions, to which I politely replied that it was HER that was in fact homeless, and not me, so it will be me doing the questions.... (cough cough, I thank you!), one woman said she would arrive for 8.30pm, so I cut my gym session short, ran home stinking (I also missed the shower bit) only to see she texted me asking to change days, on the time she was meant to be there! I work in TV people, I am never late, and it really is one sure way to make sure I punch you.
And now, all I'm getting is weirdos and freaks as my great advert slides down the lists...

But, it is 1st December, I have no idea what that means, but I will try and keep optimistic. At least for Facebook I can actually see how weird they look before I book them in a visit. (If that is a breach of human rights/ Facebook etiquette, please keep that bit to yourselves - taa!)

Anyway, Im off to NOT have a glass of wine as I grumble that its ONLY FRICKEN TUESDAY... and I WILL find a great new female flatmate to even out the male madhouse.

Good night Y'all (please read in a south american twang)

G Spot

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