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Monday, 7 December 2009

It's nice in Nice....

Well, I am in a cheery mcneery mood, so I don't think this will be the usual blog posting. Maybe my body is being fit and healthy from no alcohol, and this is what contentment feels like? Who knows.

So this weekend, I went to Nice. My boyfriend lives there, and I visit once every 3 weeks or so... Not a bad way to spend the cash I would have previously drunk away.

We had planned to meet some of his British friends on the Saturday night, lovely people they were. Despite my air of what seems to be confidence, I am quite a nervous person, and get a bit panicky when I meet new people. (Well, it depends on what situation, if its a shoot I'm running or a party, I am in my element, but if it's not, I'm not.) So after spending the day panicking what to wear, and complaining to the boy that he doesnt own a hairdryer (or hair for that matter!) we went to meet them.

They were wonderfully sweet people, but it really showed me how different these circumstances are when you don't drink... Usually, after the second red wine, I would be at ease, and everyone would be on their way to 'Drunken Land' in that chatty, comfortable way people seem to share while all drinking. But obviously, I wasn't drinking, so my nervousness stayed with me, until I decided I was confident. I should add at this point, that my BF also doesn't drink, I know some of you may think this is cheating, or possibly the reason for me quitting the drink, and I must admit, it does help him also not drinking, when I am with him. Annoyingly though, that's around 3 days out of 30 - so I don't think its my reason for, or cheating at all.

The same pluses to not drinking occured though. We had a great night, I did'nt trip on my way home or wake up with any moments of regret 'I said what?', 'I danced where?'... I still had the 30e in my wallet, and my head wasn't pounding when I woke up at 9am on the Sunday.

Given up drinking is not neccessary, or even a good idea for most people, but I can safely say its proven a good idea for me.

Especially when SleazyJet flights are going to set me back £220 this xmas! Scrooges...

G x

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