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Friday, 11 December 2009

I am still a grumpy old woman...

and now I am seriously considering getting a small dog, take up knitting and hang up my heels...

So, last night, was the local quiz. And my flatmate James, is the quizmaster. A ridiculous title if I ever heard one, as throughout the evening he gets more drunk, hense more aggresive and by the end is innappropriately yelling random, backward questions that barely sound audible...

But anyway, it was a great night. Two of my best mates Jemma and Gay Dave popped in, with their partners, we had the new chosen flatmate down (the raver, and yes, she hadnt slept from her works xmas party on the Wednesday night...!) and my mate Jamie and Hugh popped in. So, a packed place, a good quiz (exercising the brain and all that) and cheap gourmet burgers. I slurped on OJ (am now trying to quit the Redbull also now...) and my mates necked red wine or beer, and we all took a lot of silly photos and played dismally at the quiz.

A great night, wrapped up by 10.30pm in time for a Horlicks and bed...??

No No No No

What I forget is, being sober, I automatically think logically. "Up at 8am, big ideas to have at work... lunch meeting etc." But my drunken ass flatmates, and the newbie (who is really nice BTW) would like to continue drinking and smoking, until....6am!

I swear to God I wanted to rip off their arms just to punch them with them!!

So, little sleep, dead bodies all over the flat combined with empty cans, bottles and ashtrays (BTW I normally dont let them smoke in the flat!) and general shit everywhere, and the thought crossed me. I have gained the wonder of waking up without a hangover, but I have also lost the inability to drunkenly ignore the best the pre hangover party creates!

Pissing flatmates!!

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  1. Ah the joys of flatmates! My neighbour above me is just as bad he has his tv on at a rediculous volume and watches the most random shit that inflicts on my epic tv choices!