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Friday, 26 March 2010


So, I won't bark on about this, mainly because anyone could be reading this, but I have joined in the world of Singletons.

Not great, being as I was smitten for a long time, but certain situations occured which unfortunately left me miserable, meaning I had to try and find a way of stopping the negativeness. Its very sad, and in an ideal world "all we would need is love" - but today, we unfortunately need more. We need some logistics working out too. How? what? where? and when? all play a major factor in being with someone. I see that now.

So, the recent news hit me like a turd on the head, and on Wednesday, after an unpleasant afternoon, I went to see my friend (She's famous so I can't name names) and had 3 glasses of wine. I think its fair to say I was pretty smashed, and I am officially now a lightweight.

I've been thinking about this, and its not that I am off the wagon, and its not that because I've now split from my sober boyfriend, I want to drink again. I don't. And the stonky hangover the day after confirmed that.

Saying that, I have been a bit caught up in the future. I'm 25 ffs. I am not going to beat myself up because I have a glass of wine a week. Neither am I going to start drinking excessively while telling myself that its 'fine' and 'normal'.

Quite simply, everything in moderation.

Unless its crack, then in that case "stay away kids"

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lithuania, Launch and Lack of sanity.

Shit the bed Ive not blogged in a while. Sorry folks, there is a reason for that.

Ok, so we had the film launch on the 11th March, it was a great night - so much fun!! Such a nice crowd, Christian Audigier Sponsored the wine and champers, and we had Ibiza Ice on ice all night. The people who came were all friendly, and lovely, and we danced with the cuban band into the night.

(Photo attached with me, Ricci, Tulisa and our friends.)

Tulisa from N Dubz came, who is a right little star, and a top actress herself. Im hoping to work with her on something, we will see.

I didnt drink the whole launch, of course, and went home to catch a flight to Lithuania at stupid o clock.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know this already, but I picked Lithuania as I thought it would be funny.

It was, if you think men with no teeth, a snowy country with nothing but grafitti and churches is your idea of FUNNY!!

After a painful couple of days, we went out to a typical european techno style club. I gave in and drank two beers. I would lie now and say I felt dirty, guilty and let myself down. But I really didnt... Maybe its the age old "when on tour" moment.

Anyway, Ill try not to leave it too long to message again.

G x

Friday, 5 March 2010

When do sober people get left out?

When there friends are drunk? Yes. That is right.

So, dinner in soho? Comedy night? Theatre? I will get an invite to all these lovely things with my friends, but a pissed up night at the local? - I am no longer wanted. I am shunned like an old hooker at a revamped brothel.

Last night, while all my flatmates were doing their usual 'Pissed Thursday' shinanagans, (Don't panic, I'm fine now, I got earplugs) ... I was in packing my bag for a visit at Mums this weekend. That's right kids, I spent around two hours, selecting which pants to take and which hoodie to wear if it got cold, meanwhile they were out, acting their age and having fun. So, what's the story? Am I getting incredibly old? Are they refusing to grow up? Have I just turned boring? I really dont know...

Anyhoo, enough disecting whether I'm a stone sober bore, its my film launch on Thursday! Eeeek...

I have shite loads to do, and cannot remember a time before the film to be honest.

Do check out www.breathefilm.co.uk and let me know what you think. I'll post some launch pics next week!

Peace out

G to the I to the N to the A