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Friday, 26 March 2010


So, I won't bark on about this, mainly because anyone could be reading this, but I have joined in the world of Singletons.

Not great, being as I was smitten for a long time, but certain situations occured which unfortunately left me miserable, meaning I had to try and find a way of stopping the negativeness. Its very sad, and in an ideal world "all we would need is love" - but today, we unfortunately need more. We need some logistics working out too. How? what? where? and when? all play a major factor in being with someone. I see that now.

So, the recent news hit me like a turd on the head, and on Wednesday, after an unpleasant afternoon, I went to see my friend (She's famous so I can't name names) and had 3 glasses of wine. I think its fair to say I was pretty smashed, and I am officially now a lightweight.

I've been thinking about this, and its not that I am off the wagon, and its not that because I've now split from my sober boyfriend, I want to drink again. I don't. And the stonky hangover the day after confirmed that.

Saying that, I have been a bit caught up in the future. I'm 25 ffs. I am not going to beat myself up because I have a glass of wine a week. Neither am I going to start drinking excessively while telling myself that its 'fine' and 'normal'.

Quite simply, everything in moderation.

Unless its crack, then in that case "stay away kids"

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  1. Okay, might seem weird, but have been reading all your blogs and been thinking about how I would get on giving up alc. Very inspiring to read your story - feel almost a little sad your last blog was in March... will you blog again soon?