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Friday, 5 March 2010

When do sober people get left out?

When there friends are drunk? Yes. That is right.

So, dinner in soho? Comedy night? Theatre? I will get an invite to all these lovely things with my friends, but a pissed up night at the local? - I am no longer wanted. I am shunned like an old hooker at a revamped brothel.

Last night, while all my flatmates were doing their usual 'Pissed Thursday' shinanagans, (Don't panic, I'm fine now, I got earplugs) ... I was in packing my bag for a visit at Mums this weekend. That's right kids, I spent around two hours, selecting which pants to take and which hoodie to wear if it got cold, meanwhile they were out, acting their age and having fun. So, what's the story? Am I getting incredibly old? Are they refusing to grow up? Have I just turned boring? I really dont know...

Anyhoo, enough disecting whether I'm a stone sober bore, its my film launch on Thursday! Eeeek...

I have shite loads to do, and cannot remember a time before the film to be honest.

Do check out www.breathefilm.co.uk and let me know what you think. I'll post some launch pics next week!

Peace out

G to the I to the N to the A


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