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Friday, 19 February 2010

If Colin Farrell can.. .I can...

Just been reading my favourite site - www.johnnyikon.com, he is like the British Perez Hilton, although not a fat twat with stupid bias opinions, but a lovely intelligent man and a great friend. Anyway, I spend far too much the site, esp during work time (sssh, its research) but today, I came across an interesting read.
Colin Farrel, the bad boy of Hollywood, has also quit the booze! Apparently, like I say, it makes him more focused on his work - and by drinking, he felt he was almost apologising for having the success he has had. No longer will this be a good talking point for when I one day approach him to be in my film (cos, one day I probably will) - but its also got me thinking about the pros and cons to not drinking.
Sure, everyone now thinks I'm a recovering alcohol with issues, and most British people just think I'm plain bonkers for quitting the booze, but am I? Really?

Davina Mccall doesn't drink, and look how her career took off without the use of booze.

Hollywood wise: Samuel L Jackson, Demi Moore, Robin Williams, William Shatner, Elizabeth Taylor, my own comedian favourite Sarah Silverman... obv Russell Brand doesnt drink either. When you look into it, it makes you think - a lot of people seem to stop drinking, and their careers rocketed? And here I am, worrying that I won't be able to "network" now I no longer drink! Worried that I don't fit into the 'scene' anymore? It seems now, after soending 5 minutes on Google, i might fit in more now, I don't drink.

Happy Days.

PS: My film is out, March 15 - In all good retailers. (Poster above)xx

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