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Friday, 12 February 2010

Girls Night Out Without The Booze - Review.

So, on Saturday - my childhood friends trecked up from Northampton to pay me a visit to try and cheer me up. (I'm ok, just had a few family issues). Now, luckily, even though they are "Northamptonions", they are luckily not the 'Stella swigging, tequilla slamming' kind - so I felt that I was in good hands.

Any lady reading this, will know when you have a big group of girly mates, the best part of going out, is actually getting ready! So, we packed into my room as the girls plucked, straightened, and tarted themselves up for a night on the tiles. (God I sound old! Ha!)

And I must boast, the non drinking thing and 9 girls from the Shire actually went down well. Thankfully they are a caring bunch who respect my non drinking venture, so I could sip my alcohol free wine before we went out - and not overally notice even when we were partying in the club. We went to Punk, and as usual my mate Dan bought over endless bottles of vodka on ice to our tables (soemthing in the past I would have taken full advantage of!) and we partied the night away. It was only around 2am that I started to notice the difference with not drinking. For a starters, I was sleepy. (Odd, I thought alocohol made you tired!) - and my feet hurt (the pain is usually covered up by the booze) and I was hungry (Im always hungry). So, when 7 of the girls carried on until 3.30am, me and my friend Katie (who is one of those who gets pissed early on, then sobers up) troddled back to mine. The only annoying thing in this, is that I still pigged out on a burger from the kebab men, despite being sober enough to know better.

At around 4am my 7 drunken ladies stumbled in, singing, tripping over, and generally being funny drunken idiots - it was only then that I realised that is the only part of the night I didn't get to take part in - well, that and the hangover the next day.

The Sober One

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