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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

So, grandma action is in place...

I am off to Nice on Saturday for 2 weeks (any 'would be' burglars reading this can bugger off, as we will still have 2 beefed up men living in the flat. Well, two men at least) so I wont be blogging as I'll be having a romantic french time with my BF! 15 whole days together... bliss.

Anyway, happiness in that form is not the reason for my blog. After moaning last time that I have infact become an old woman, I have decided to actually be one! I am getting a puppy!

Before any of you moan about how hard they are bla bla bla... this isn't a decision I have come about lightly. I have wanted a pug puppy for years now, and now my situation is the most steady and it seems the ideal time to get one. We have four loving friends who will look after him, Nick works from home so he will never be left alone, and I no longer drink or have a life besides my trips to Nice - so I have the time, dedication and money to raise a puppy into the perfect pet!

I have spent months literally looking for a good breeder. I figured it is not worth risking any random breeding pugs, especially as they are a special breed, but I have found the ideal woman and will be going to see the pug in January! If all is good, I will bring him home!

This is perfect, as now I don't drink, and my friends don't eat, I will have a little man to always hang out with! My friend Deano who runs Project Models has got two small dogs too, so we are going to have 'Dog Outings'.... also, I work for a very well known Dog Lover too of course!

So, now I need name suggestions ? Feel free to leave some on here or my twitter page www.twitter.com/ginalyons

Righteo Blogging fans, Merry Christmas, have a great new year!!

Love Gina xx

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