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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cinderella at the OK! party

So yesterday I was buzzing all day. I had to write up a pitch, and was convincing myself this was the program that would make us millions!! (My naivity is sweet no?) After a busy day at work, only popping out for a bite of some thai food (which I'll be doing again today, me luuuurve some thai food), I was going to the filming of the show my company makes at London TV studios.

Now, if you have known me for the past few months, you will know I am a fully fledged 'Jedward Supporter'. And last night, they were on the show, so I got to chat and hang with them for a bit!! They are as lovely and as funny as I imagined! I've asked them if I can be a tripplet with them? We'll see what they say.

After all that, what can only be called as DRAMA.... I was shooting off to attend the OK! Christmas Party that my lovely friends from Jonathan Lipman's Agency, as they do it each year! I had a load of friends attending, some actors I want to work with and my hairdresser (of course) - so I thought I would pop in.

The party was great, really nice buzz and the complimentary drinks were flowing all night. Now, a few months ago, I would have found a nice tall stall, propped myself at the bar, drank until I was seeing double, and then grabbed a goodie bag and staggered home.

But no... This is the 'New Gina.' So I drank one redbull (Crazy, I know), and one orange juice... (remarkably when its not alcohol you are necking, you need to pee more?! Weird that hey?).. and then after seeing all my friends I knew there, showing my face and doing what us media knobheads like to call 'networking', I left for home. At 10.45pm.

10.45? That is just pathetic isn't it? My nan stays up later than that!

I am ashamed with myself.

Ah well, quiz night tonight that should be fun, although I will probably go home early to get into bed with a Horlicks! And start knitting... (actually, that sounds like fun, maybe I could round it off with a game of scrabble??!)

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Your grumpy, sober, boring blogger - Gina x


  1. If u started knitting u could have some smashing woollens to wear to your next big bash!

  2. This is true, and everyone knows knitted jumpers are sooooooo Dec 2009!!