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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

One push up, two push up, three push up more...

Hello fair people,

A few of you have messaged me saying you are enjoying my blog, I do wish you would all comment more. Don't be shy!!

Anyhoo... so Super Healthy Gina was out in force again last night, and this blog is actually not about needing a drink at all, but the oppositive of 'drunk'. (Which is 'sober')

So last night I booked a PT session at the gym, as I've hit a lull and seem to be not losing anymore weight. Quite possibly because sitting on the weights talking, suprisingly doesn't lose you weight, (shocking!) So, I decided I needed to learn more about weight loss, and what that giant balloon is for, etc etc.
I had to rush my session a bit though, 'cos all these things are talking talking talking, and I wanted to build up a sweat as I had to be home for 8.30pm. It turns out anyway, that I just had to change the tempo, making my gym sessions what they call 'interval training.' It actually makes it easier, which is good.

So, I had to rush home at 8.30pm, 'cos we had 4 girls coming to look at the flat. Now, I thought being in TV and all, my organisation skills were tip top, best in the field... I soon changed my mind when all 4 girls arrived at the same time. Oops.

Tad awkward, being as there is only one room for rent, so it was almost a BGT moment, all I needed was the red buzzer.

Turns out, they are all great - so I am hoping one of them wants the room, or we can decide which one we like the most if they all want it!

Anyway, so I had a great night, albeit a bit random, and I didn't even think about drink.

Saying that... it was only Monday?!

G x

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