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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Anger Management...?

Yesterday was a great day, but I still had a couple of bad moments, I am going to share with you. (Mainly because I've sort of established by persona as a grumpy old woman now!)

So, Friday night I left work after a great meeting with my boss and some talent, and I had to take the Z1 camera kit back home with me for a shoot on Saturday. (My own doing, cannae blame no one!)

Rush hour, on a Friday night at 6pm, is not pleasant when you are carrying a massive camera back on one arm, and a massive tripod bag on the other. I thought my innocent face would mean grown men would stop and help me down the stairs, silly thought that was as everyone just tutted and huffed past me constantly knocking the bags off my shoulders. Ironically, I get pissed at people carrying bags or babies during rush hour, now I have sympathy towards them.

I went to the gym with my mate Emilee and had some dinner, and ended up venting my built up anger from my trecherous tube journey out on the treadmill instead. Although why I'm not a size 6 yet is baffling me...

Then on Saturday morning, I had to make a similar journey with the kit to the shoot. As I got near Arts Ed in Chiswick, I thought 'mmm, I'll stop and pick up a nice cheese and chicken baguette'... As I walked into the cafe, I laid my tripod bag down and it lightly tapped the woman next to me. Horrified it had knocked her (not knocked, tapped) I apologised immensley, to which she just shrugged. Rude? Much?

On my way out she gave me a shitty look, to which I replied with my equally disgusted 'yeah, fucking what?' look.(Once a council estate kid, always a council estate kid). Then she said, now get this... "What? You want me to apologise for YOU hitting ME with your bag...?" To which I replied, quite quickly as well may I add... "No, I want you to ACCEPT my apology for accidently hitting you with my bag." (Not hitting, tapping). Then, this grown woman, this stuck up, Posh Chiswick, DICKHEAD of a woman replied "but it really hurt!" Astonished, I just mumbled something like "like bugger it did" and walked out.

A normal person would leave and be thinking "mmm, chicken and cheese baguette in ones hand" but not me. I then spent the next hour wishing I had replied with something better than my useless mumble, and feeling so bad a woman had been so snotty with me, for something I had so genuinely apologised for.

This ladies and gentleman, is the time most people would be thinking of that Jack Daniel's they were going to neck later that day. (Honestly, sub consiously, you do.)

So, we do the 5 hour shoot. Went amazingly well, but it is exhausting to produce.

I returned back the way I came at 5pm, camera bags gallore still, and an hour and a bit back to Kentish Town, I'm shattered, and still peaved at that damn woman.

But I couldn't sit and moan, as I had tickets to see my favourite comedy act, 'Late Night Gimp Fight' (if you havent heard, google then go watch.)

10 mins into the show and I realised it wasn't Jack Daniels who would brighten by night up, but the 5 boys from Gimp Fight.

Who said the answer is at the end of the bottle? Its not... it's at the PLEASANCE.

Thanks lads


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  1. Nasty posh woman! Grrr... Turn that negativity into positivty... possibly by battering her round the head with a chicken baguette.