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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What a difference, a shitty day makes...

24 little hours...

Shouldn't complain, but you know I will...

Today, was an example, of how EASY it would be, to come home, open a bottle of red and U.N.W.I.N.D...

I was so grumpy by about 3pm at work. God knows why? Bit of pressure, too much thinking, little low with the miserable weather - you know the thing.

Had a row with my flatmate and best mate James too. It was stupid aswell, I owe him some bill money, and he wanted ME to go to the cashpoint, and i wanted HIM to go to the cashpoint... you can see how it started?? So, really, I sort of wanted, to come home, and have a drink.

I tweeted my anger too, and I will mention EVERMORE FILMS are naughty.... they actually encouraged me to drink? The swines.


I went to the gym again. I know? The fucking gym?? Seriously, if anyone reading this knew me a year ago, they would be convinced I had been abducted my healthy aliens and had my brain cells changed to those of athletes...

I went to the gym, and people watched. You know that thing when you look like your working out, but really you are watching the fatties on the treadmills??

So, to conclude this crap blog of rambling, I didnt drink. But I do seem to be replacing alcohol with food.

That reminds me, I bought 4 x chocolate muffins for £1 in Sainsburys today, so on that note, Im off..

Do comment if you feel like it, you dont have to login or anything. If you are too mean though, I will hunt you down and force you to attend the gym with me.

Peace out, Westlife
G x


  1. Another great blog post!

  2. Not mean! Just testing how serious you are about the whole not drinking-thing! Well done for resisting. Hope the gym was splendid...