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Monday, 23 November 2009

Ok, so I'm blogging, this should be fun.

Wowzers, blogging hey? How 21st Century of my ass….

OK! I will give you all a wee update, but I won’t go on about my past in some 'This is your life' fashion, ‘cos frankly, no one gives a monkeys !
So, its Oct 31st - Halloween, I am running around Soho House with some friends (mainly TV people, TV presenters, music industry types) and I've probably spent £100, and I’m pissed. The theme is ‘Dead Famous’, so I went as Keith Floyd. I look more like a murdering butcher with random blood splattered all over me, but I don’t look the silliest person there. My mate Monkey has gone as ‘Dead Madonna.’ (Cheating, but a great costume none the less).

On the Sunday, I wake up, and once again, feel like crap. I am dehydrated, self loathing, feeling fat and glum, and then depression kicks in.
Every week thousands… no millions of us do this to our self. I am not alone feeling this way, as I stuff my face on a Sunday with my third packet of Wotsits as I watch the Saturdays X Factor on Sky Plus.
Most people drink because they think it loosens them, makes them more courageous and fun loving… and hey, if its only once a week, whats the harm right?
Well for me, it doesn’t ADD anything. I am not louder, more confident. I am still the same me, only hobbling, more scint, and slowly aging quicker in the process. So on that Sunday, I figured I had gulped my last glass of white wine… I had downed my last Tequilla, and I was quitting the booze.

Bit drastic? Possibly. But I don’t do things by halves.

So, I quit the booze. Bit tricky as it was only 2 weeks before my mahhussive 25th Birthday Party at PUNK, SOHO and I was laying on champagne galore…
I had friends from Northampton, all my London mates, work mates – everyone who would usually associate me with a drink – having 200 people each individually asking me “why im not drinking” can get tiresome, so at about 10pm, I just rolled around drinking redbull out of a glass with ice PRETENDING I was drunk. “If you cant beat them….”

So, I decided to give myself an aid. A focus. Something to aspire with.

So I have decided to set up a site called www.iwouldratherhavethecash.com with my good friend David Gatt. A gimmick almost, but dead serious, and a vocal distraction for when people ask that dreading question….

I WOULD RATHER HAVE THE CASH will keep a tally, with HOW many drinks I get offered, and HOW MUCH money I would have raised had I asked for the cash instead (and got it!)
So, the next time I am out in Soho, and someone offers me a drink, and I WOULD have ordered a large white wine, I will type down £4.20 into the tally instead…. Be interesting to see how much I get.

But for now, my sober ass is going to get back to work.

Speak soon
G x

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