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Monday, 23 November 2009

Recent anti drinking scenarios...

After my initial blog, I remembered a couple of other vital occasions, where I have fought the need to drink. Yay me!

The first one, the night before my party, was ... and I kid you not, VIP tickets for MUSE at the o2! A very cool friend of mine, a TV presenter is friends with the drummer, and 5 of us went to the o2! Now, guys, this is FREE DRINK all night, this is partying with the coolest band on the planet right now (Its twilight month afterall!).... After the gig, we troddled down the weird halls into the family room. A few women breast feeding in a stuffy office looking room, and we figured we were hanging in the wrong room... so we went to the VIP - VIP room. Whilst everyone was necking the complimentary vodka, wine and beer, I drank... redbull. And unfortunately, lots of it. I went back to a mates flat with the girls (and Dom) and we put MTV on the flat screen and had a boogie... by this point, I was off my trolley on redbull. That drink DOES NOT give you 'wings', its gives you 'wee'... and a lot of it. By the time I got home around 5am, I had around 18 pees on the loo, and couldnt sleep for anything! So, I changed one vise for another... not a good idea.

Another occasion when I could have easily caved, had I not had the sheer willpower, was my recent trip back home. NORTHAMPTON. Now, as Alan Carr will tell you, we are not ones to deny where we come from. BUT.MY.FUCKING.GOD. That place is hideous. I have the best family and friends ever, but going out in that town, sober - was a huge challenge for me. No wonder why my mate Soph was knocking back the wine, I almost praised her.
We walked our way from bar to bar, a tad boring when sober and you can actually feel your feet hurting, with the DJ in each place deciding it WAS still in fact 1999, and the women in some of the bars? They are either wear nothing, and in fact spend the evening 'bossom pounting' (thats my new term for pouting with your tits out) or they look like men in drag. Seriously, at one stage I thought Wayne Rooney was woddling about in drag... (shudder).

So... two nights, and two very different reasons for wanting to knock back the booze, and I witheld... can I keep it up? Lets hope so..

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G x

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