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Friday, 22 January 2010

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking Flatmates

I shouldn't really complain... but I will..

So, last Thursday my 3 flatmates got home and decided to play some music, have a sing and dance (lierally) and drink their bodyweight in alcohol. They were quite loud, but it was all 3 of them and it was only me in bed, so I didn't want to moan, or ruin the party, so I kept schtum until they were sober enough to make sense of what I was saying. I explained that its fine to have a party, but with only two paper thin doors between me and the orgy of fun (not sexual of course) - I asked them to make sure both doors were shut. "Yeah of course...", "Sure..."

So last night, they get home from the quiz, I'd been out for a girly dinner with some old friends, and they are carrying the usual Thursday tools. (3 bottles of red wines, 12 cans of lager, 40 fags)... - and they kept the door shut. Well, they kept it shut until they were drunk enough to not know better.
From 1am - 5am they decided that I would like to also hear the noise and shit music coming from the smoky kitchen. I got up and shut it, and asked them to keep it shut, about 5 times - but these people are pro drinkers, they are olympic piss heads - they were gone. I don't even think they registered I was a real person talking to them.
So, I have slept about 2 hours last night, and I woke up to the hot water gone, so I had to hobble down to the shops at 8am to put some on. (No ones fault, but it hardly made me a chirpy person this morning!)

What can I do? Its 3 against 1 - and they have a right to have a piss up and unwind in their own home?! I hate being the one who is going to have to ask again to shut the doors, I'll bore even myself with that! But I also can't keep living in a house like this.

And why????? Because I wasn't pissed!! I don't drink, so now drunk people annoy the shit out of me! That's what giving up drinking has come to. I might have to change flats because a life without drinking, is completely different to a life with drinking.

And do you want to know some ironic Karma??

When I moved in with the boys 3 years ago, it was me who made the rule and we could party and be loud in the week??!! Well thats certainly come on bit me on the arse now hasn't it??

Anyway, I'm off to Gumtree to search 1 beds

Peace out, Westlife.

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