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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Well, a pug mummy!!

So I went through with it, I bought a pug puppy and am officially an old, sober, miserable swine who spends her days at work and my evenings cleaning up sloppy poo.. (if anyone can tell me why his poo his sloppy, you would really be helping me out!)

He is very cute... he has a lot of love and I officially have an excuse now to not attend the celebrity x list parties I have made a hobby attending... I can now say "can't go, I have a pup...."

This does mean however that I am losing my social life bit by bit... even my dog loving friends probably won't all make it round to visit, and I'm hardly going to rock up at an event with a puppy in my bag (I'm not Paris Hilton - Or a dick head)... but I figured I was bound to grow up sooner or later, I have just had the urge to do it sooner... rather than later.

Anyway, poo to clean, sleep to be had.

Mummy Gina x

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  1. Are you feeding him wet or dry food? I think wet food is meant to = sloppy poo whereas dry food = firmer poo.