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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My first sober christmas...

Well, clearly I spent my age 0 - 14 sober aswell... but its been a while since I can actually remember what occured Xmas eve....

So, as most of you know from my tweets, I spent Christmas with my BF in the South of France. It was awesome, relaxing and fun - and I didn't miss drinking one minute.

Ok, I did for ONE MINUTE. But let me explain what that minute was.

I am walking in one of the supermarkets, where EVERYTHING in Nice is ridiculously expensive, and I see the price tag 1.78e ... Hmm, something for less than two euros, what could that be? And it was red wine. Even in France, cheese is overpriced, yet here I was gauping at the wine shelf with this lovely red wine, and these lovely prices, and for ONE MINUTE I thought how lovely it would be to have one glass.
But then its never really one glass is it? Its 5 glasses and a hangover. So, I carried on walking and probably spent the afternoon eating chocolate crepes, a hobbie I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in whilst away.

We spent new years in a super club in Juan Na Pas (cannot spell it) and was quite happy I wasn't drinking as the prices were silly, and the rest of the two weeks eating, vegging out and watching movies.

So, sobriety is good - snow on the other hand, is crap.

Currently at work, everyone has left as they live out of london and must not miss the trains, and for the first time, I am annoyed at myself for living in Zone 2...

If for some remarkable reason you are reading this and do not follow me on Twitter, do so...


Anyhoo, going to get myself a new life and start blogging about something a bit more interesting. Z list party anyone??

G x

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